Membership Categories

KMPSK has two Main Membership Categories

Individual Membership
Shall be persons as provided in the KMPSK constitution who apply for and are registered members of the Society in a personal capacity.
Corporate Membership
Shall be any corporate entity of the Society (private, public, academic etc.) provided that their services are within the scope of knowledge management.
  • Register as a member by creating an account.
  • Complete your new KMPSK account and continue with your application. Or,
  • Download membership form – fill and email to us.
  • KMPSK certificate of membership affiliation.
  • Participation in regular members meetings /seminars.
  • Discounted rates at KMPSK charged capacity building, forums, and events.
  • Networking opportunities with other members.
  • Eligibility to appointment to participate and or lead any of the Technical Committee for the delivery of the Society’s strategic objectives.
  • Full access to the Society’s output content.
  • KMPSK membership is not an inherent right, it is a benefit for the Society members who follow the laid down procedures, rules and accord other society members utmost respect according to the provided ethical conduct guidelines.
  • Account termination can be voluntary or;
  • The Society reserves the right to terminate your membership owing to a breach or not acting in accordance to the Society constitution.

Register Now!

  1. Registration: Kshs 2000 (one time fee)
  2. Individual members: Kshs. 5,000/=
  3. Corporate members: Kshs. 10,000/=

Annual subscription fees for individuals is payable in installments of 2500 between July to December and the reminder 2500 payable between January to June. Or 500 payable monthly. Whichever is preferable.